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When it comes to shipping unsecured freight, there are a multitude of different options, and narrowing the field down to just one can take time. There are many different factors to consider including price, the type of shipment, the size of shipment, and the speed in which the shipment needs to be delivered. GTA GSM, can help!

  • Extensive Security &Surveillance with more than 100 security cameras
  • 24×7 Operational Warehouse Temperature Controlled Facility
  • Handling & Storage of Active/Passive Pharma Products
  • CEIV Certified Warehouse
  • CW Bonded Warehousing
  • Valuable & Controlled Substance Cage
  • Secured Onsite Vault
  • Special Cargo Handling & Storage (DGR, AVI, HUM, VAL, VUN, PER) 
  • Onsite Cargo Screening (X-ray & ETD)
  • Active Monitoring CRT Rooms
  • Vehicle Loading Racks
  • Specialized Equipment to Handle Heavy & OHG Cargo
  • Cargo Manifestation
  • Customer Service & Documentation
  • EDI Messaging System
  • ACI Handling System
  • Cargo Management System
  • Mail & Courier Handling
  • Trucking & Logistics


LTL (Less Than Truckload)

Pay for the space in the truck that you need! For example, if your shipment only takes up one-third of the space on the truck, you only pay for one-third of the truck. This makes LTL freight shipping a great choice for small businesses that don’t ship in large quantities, but want a budget friendly option.

FTL (Full Truckload)

Need more space? We can accommodate your needs with FTL shipments, which are typically used when there are ten or more palettes that need to ship.

Courier Services

  • Direct / Rush / Same Day / Overnight Delivery
  • Proof of delivery signature for each shipment
  • Overnight storage options
  • Cost-effective for small shipments
  • Tracking details
  • Courier service available in all provinces

Our Services

  • Access to portal for one step set-up
  • CEIV Certified
  • Optional and additional insurance
  • Track and trace of shipments
  • Temperature control
  • Vault security
  • GPS tracking
  • Temperature proof seals/locks
  • Emergency response


Air cargo solutions are a specialty service we offer our customers. Our myriad of partners ensures the quick and efficient transition of your cargo, door-to-door. No matter what the specific requirements of your products are, we have the flexibility and the agility to get your cargo delivered on time, every time.

  • CEIV Certified
  • Full charters (international & domestic)
  • DG trained Ops Specialists
  • Per-kilo shipments
  • Temperature control/palette shippers
  • Pharmaceutical cargo
  • Onboard Couriers
  • Global and domestic reach
  • Skid and loose box shipping
  • Access to 100+ flights per day
  • Responsive 24/7
  • Live clone shipments
  • Armed & Armoured Air and Ground, this includes two guards and insurance
  • Secure Air & Secure Ground

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