• Can I change my delivery address for a shipment after it’s been shipped?

    All address changes need to be approved by the retailer or shipper. Please contact the retailer directly for next steps.

  • What happens if my package is stolen or damaged?

    GTA GSM is unable to replace or refund a parcel to the receiver directly if damaged or lost in transit. Please contact the retailer or shipper directly for more information, and to initiate a claim inquiry for further investigation.

  • What happens if my package is delivered but not received?

    Please contact us as soon as possible, and we will investigate the delivery. If possible, we will attempt to recover the parcel for redelivery. In situations where the parcel is not recovered or is considered lost or stolen, please contact the retailer or sender for more information.

  • How many delivery attempts will be made before my shipment is sent back to the sender?

    Three (3) delivery attempts will be made before the local station marks the parcel for return to the sender.

  • Why was my parcel returned to the sender?

    The following are potential reasons why a parcel gets returned to sender:

    • Three (3) unsuccessful delivery attempts were made.
    • Incomplete address or contact information.
    • The order is cancelled by shipper or the receiver.
  • How do I track my parcel with GTA GSM?

    • Please visit the GTA GSM tracking page at https://gtagsm.com/tracking/ and enter your tracking number. Once entered, please click the search button. Once on this page, you will see status updates and delivery updates.
    • We also recommend that you subscribe for email updates to be notified about the delivery progress.
  • What is your delivery protocol?

    Drivers are instructed to deliver directly to the customer’s door. However, drivers can leave the parcel at the front door without a signature if the location is considered a safe location.

  • I no longer want this parcel. How do I cancel my order?

    Please contact the seller for next steps. Once the cancellation request is received from seller, the parcel will be returned to the sender.