About Us

About Us

Why Choose Us

GTA GSM is a division of the GTA Group based in Toronto, Ontario, offering an elite variety of cargo handling, and tech driven ecommerce services.

In addition, GTA GSM operates a Transport Canada Approved Secure Warehouse and CEIV Pharma certified cargo warehouse.

We can accept and handle secure export goods, x-ray screen unsecure shipments, and tender freight to the airline quickly.


To be the premier logistics, ecommerce, and supply chain provider connecting our customers around the globe.


Provide quality, consistency, and commitment in the integrated logistics business worldwide.


Continuously challenging ourselves to create new quality standards through leadership, teamwork, transparency and commitment.

Clients say

  • GTA GSM delivered on all promised commitments. The operational roll-out was smooth and supported by a proactive and collaborative customer service team. The shipment visibility and reporting suite allowed for a unified customer tracking experience and unprecedented visibility to our customer service and operations team. We experienced immediate last mile delivery expense reductions of 15% after the first month all while reducing average time in transit.

  • GSM’s mid-mile and final-mile carrier network provide better shipping rates and services than traditional carriers. GSM’s tracking technology provides seamless and accurate delivery status.

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